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Personal Petal Poppy Ashtray

Personal Petal Poppy Ashtray

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This artful party ashtray in the form of a poppy was inspired by a vintage Hollywood Regency design. It has five removable petals to pass out to your friends, and each petal acts as a personal ashtray - perfect for a single j. Better yet, in our version, all of the poppy’s stamens can be removed and used as poker/packing tools when you and your crew are rolling your own.

We love a functional piece of decor. Place this solid brass poppy on your coffee table and watch your friends swoon during your sesh. 


  • Material: 100% pure brass (brass will patina over time and with use, this is a desirable effect)
  • Color: Polished Brass
  • Style: Hollywood Regency

  • 5.5ʺW × 5.5ʺD × 1.5ʺH
  • Weight: 1 lb


Each petal has a "seat" formed on its reverse side. Each petal's seat fits into the receipt on the base. The stamens are to be inserted into the 5 holes in the flower's stigma at the center of the base.


This piece will develop a lovely patina over time and with use. If you prefer it to remain shiny, wipe clean with the soft brass polishing cloth provided. Never put in a dishwasher.



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